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Doggy Day Care

Is your dog bored, lonely, or restless during the day while you're at work? 

Then he or she will love doggy daycare! Dogs are social animals who thrive on interaction and companionship with other animals as well as with people. Most dogs would prefer to be around other dogs instead of being home alone all day. Even the shyest of dogs can learn social skills and make new friends at doggy daycare! Remember to fill out the "The Legal Stuff" form below!

Please note there is a late fee pick up fee of $20.00 for  Full Doggie Day Care Per Pet Daycare and a $15.00 fee for Half Day Care. These fees are per hour.

Prices & Hours

Monday Through Friday 7 am-7 pm

Saturday 7 am-7 pm

Day Care is limited so reservations are encouraged.


Full Day (6 Hours)

*Additional Family Member

Half Day (3  Hours)
*Additional Family Member

Day Care Prepaid
10 Days Full Day $175.00
30 Days  Full Day $510.00
10 Days Half Day $140.00
30 Days Half Day $360.00

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